20 Jul

Inauthentic for an item purchased with gift cards

We had an inauthentic complaint recently where, at first glance, we thought the purchase was made entirely with gift cards. We received the gift cards as a reward for a previous purchase so we didn’t have a receipt for purchasing the cards at all.
It turned out we had used a credit card for part of the purchase, but it made me wonder: would Seller Performance accept our reseller number and TX certificate as proof that the purchase was made by our company?
Perry and I decided to test it.
I prepared my receipt and response as usual, but instead of attaching an image of the credit card, I attached my Texas Use and Sales Tax Certificate, referencing the reseller number shown on the receipt.

It worked on the first try! This was a relief to learn. We tell our shoppers to always use a credit card, even if they have gift cards or reward credits to cover the entire purchase, but sometimes people forget and this hasn’t always been our policy. It’s great to know that we have another way to link the purchase to our business if the store accepts a reseller certificate.

Learn more about resolving inauthentic complaints with Amazon: Get the guide.

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