06 Jun

A Round-up of Links and Articles You Should Read

Here are a few items of interest I have come across recently. What have you been reading?

  • This seems hard to believe, but Walmart is asking employees to deliver packages on their way home from work. Do you think they are feeling the pressure from Amazon? I do.
  • I signed up this week to connect with a business mentor from SCORE, an organization for retired executives who want to volunteer their time helping youngsters like me learn to not ruin our business. You might want to check if there is a chapter in your area. Even if there’s not, you can connect with a volunteer via phone or email.
  • Volcom has joined the ranks of restricted brands. This is a brand we have sold regularly but Amazon did not grandfather us in when the gates came down, and now we have several items in our stranded inventory.
  • I was recently featured in an episode of Entrepreneur On A Dime, a regular show by Mommy Income. See it here.

What did you read that changed your outlook or your business?


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