Need help with reimbursements?

If you send inventory to Amazon FBA, you know they often lose or damage your goods. They owe you money, and it’s yours for the asking – if you have the time and know-how.

Let us do the work for you. This is not an automated service, but a trained and experienced personal assistant who knows how to find and request the money that Amazon owes you.


Inventory issues vary from one account to the next, so it is impossible for us to predict exactly how much you will receive. But we can guarantee you will be happy!

Your first month is completely free, so you can try our service with no risk and your reimbursements will cover your scheduled payments right from the start!

Your first month is completely free!
After that, for either $89/month or $89/quarter, depending on the plan you choose, we will check for reimbursements owed to you by Amazon for all of the following reasons:

• Inventory adjustment
• Returns over 60 days
• Returns Reconciliation
• Warehouse damaged
• Verifying Customer Exchanges
• Lost inbound (note: invoices or receipts are usually required for these, so we provide a list and instructions to help you easily request reimbursements for this issue)

Because we want to make sure this service is beneficial to you, your first month is completely free! This allows time for the first of your reimbursements to be approved, added to your Amazon payout, and disbursed. You will have your money in hand before you are billed a single penny for our services!
Monthly – Great for larger sellers, whose reimbursements are far more than our monthly fee. Also useful when you need to maximize cashflow by getting reimbursed as quickly and as often as possible.

Bimonthly (every 2 months - coming soon!) – Many sellers have requested every two months. This is a good balance between maximizing cashflow and minimizing fees.

Quarterly – Ideal for smaller sellers who might not have a lot of reimbursements, but want the assurance that the occasional large loss will be caught and reimbursed.

18 Month Wayback service – For a little extra, we will go all the way back as far as Amazon allows (18 months for most losses). This is a great option if you haven’t been requesting reimbursements regularly, and the perfect way to get started before moving forward with one of the recurring choices above! Our Wayback Guarantee: If we don’t recover enough to offset our fee, we’ll refund the difference. You can’t lose!
Use one of the buttons below to choose your plan, then follow our easy step-by-step instructions to add our VA as a subuser on your Amazon seller account. Don’t worry – the instructions will tell you how to specify exactly what the VA can see and do inside your account.

After we check your account and request reimbursements for you, you’ll receive a report showing you how much you received in reimbursements from cases opened by our team, along with additional information to help especially motivated sellers recover even more reimbursements!

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To reduce cost without reducing the reimbursements you receive, we’re offering our service quarterly for the same price as our current monthly price. Our team will check and request all the same reimbursements as our regular service, but they’ll do it once in each 3 month period instead of every month. If you’re willing to wait a bit, this saves time for our team and allows us to pass the savings along to you.

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18 MONTHS – $249

Did you know that you can request reimbursements going back up to 18 months? This one time fee covers up to 100 cases with up to 5 items/case. If you haven’t checked for reimbursements in a while, this is a great way to start! There’s no risk to you, because if we don’t find enough reimbursements to cover our fee we will gladly refund the difference. You can’t lose!

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and watch the magic happen!

Changed your mind? No hard feelings. Use the easy Cancel button to end your subscription and keep any future payments from being drawn.