We’re pretty ordinary people with a crazy big family and a 7 figure amazon business.

We’re not gurus, but we’d like to share what we have learned about selling online and on Amazon over the past few years. Please check out our free resources for sellers, or just gawk at our family photos. Feel free to ask us questions about either or both. Whatever makes you smile today!

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Our Company Culture

My friend Travis  asked me on my personal FB wall what makes my employees enjoy working for us in our Amazon FBA business. The original post he asked about is below: "You know what joy is? A new employee told me today that he was telling his son about his job with us...

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Have you ever wondered what you don’t know about selling on Amazon? What should you be doing daily, weekly, or monthly to maintain your seller account? What important tasks has nobody told you about? FBA Secrets from a Seven Figure Seller presents 30 actionable items every seller needs to do and know when it comes to account maintenance and selling on Amazon.

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“Let me start off by saying that I have read many books on the subject of FBA and have paid well over $10,000 for various training programs and courses. I only wish I had read Kim’s book FIRST. It would have saved me a lot of that money. As a matter of fact it made me money almost instantly. I could not wait until reading the entire book to try some of the tips so I would read a little then hop over to Seller Central and do a new task that I had just read and learned about. For example, after reading about reconciling shipments I jumped right over and did a few shipments and got reimbursed nearly $150 within 20 minutes! That is money I would have never seen if not for the book.

The book starts off interesting and funny then dives right into the real meat and potatoes of the day to day best business practices to run a successful FBA business. After reading the book I no longer just ignore “ASIN change notifications” emails, I have fixed all my stranded inventory, I am just more comfortable getting around Seller Central. I am spending 20 or 30 minutes a day in the book learning and implementing the areas that were really frustrating me. This book seems like it was written just for me with question after question answered, I am asking myself how did she know! An extremely useful resource for any FBA seller past the complete newbie stage in their business.” —MARK A. CALLOWAY


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