Amazon FBA pays the bills
for our ridiculously large family.

If we told you how many kids we have, you probably wouldn’t believe us. Seriously. We don’t even know how many. We’re just going on memory, because they never stand still long enough for us to count them.

Our Story

We sold a few items on Amazon many years ago, but began using the FBA program in October 2014. We started with used books then moved into groceries, beauty, and health/personal care products because we wanted products that turned over more quickly. It worked, and we soon grew our business to a full time income. In May 2015 we expanded into shoes and apparel, and continued our growth. In the 4th quarter of 2015, we joined the masses buying and selling toys and other seasonal merchandise.


During 2015, our first full calendar year,
we sold nearly $500,000 on Amazon

In 2017, we sold over $2 Million!


We love selling on Amazon, and we love the freedom it has given our family – not freedom from work, but freedom to work together, on our own schedule. It has not been easy, but it has been a tremendous blessing to our family. We love to share what we have learned with other individuals and families who are eager to enjoy the fruits of entrepreneurship.

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