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FBA Seller Secrets From a Seven Figure Seller

By Kim Coghlan

Have you ever wondered what you don’t know about selling on Amazon? What should you be doing daily, weekly, or monthly to maintain your seller account? What important tasks has nobody told you about? FBA Seller Secrets From a Seven Figure Seller covers 30 tips and topics you need to know, from someone who does know.


  • Getting Started With Some Good Daily Habits
  • Maintaining Your Inventory
  • Monthly/Quarterly Account Maintenance Tasks
  • Services and Resources

Here are 30 actionable items every seller needs to do and know when it comes to account maintenance and selling on Amazon. This book is for every seller who ever did a facepalm and asked, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this?!”

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The Amazon FBA Quick Start Guide

By Kim Coghlan

There’s a big learning curve to selling on Amazon, and the first part is the hardest. If you’re wondering where to start and what you need to know, help yourself to our free guide.

There is no fluff here and this is not a comprehensive how-to. This is a quick and dirty rundown that will get you pointed in the right direction without wasting unnecessary time and money, so you can spend your time MAKING money!

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