08 Jun

Getting our business structure in order

Today I met with our CPA to talk about what I need to do now that we are an LLC filing as an S-corp. I will be outsourcing some tasks, but I still  need to make sure they get done. On my to-do list:

  1. Open some accounts with the government relating to employees and taxes
  2. Hire a bookkeeper to get our books in order and up to date
  3. Enlist a payroll service to get myself on the payroll and possibly Perry
  4. Keep up with any quarterly and annual filings that will not be completed by the payroll service

It won’t all be easy, but I think I have a fair understanding of what I need to accomplish to get our business over this hurdle, and how to do it. Not how to do it all myself, but how to ensure that it gets done.

Today I also made an appointment to meet next week with a volunteer from SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives), an organization to connect retired executives with business owners for the purpose of mentoring. I’m really excited about meeting someone who has experience in accounting, budgeting and cash flow, and can help me run our business more like a business and less like an out-of-control hobby.

What did you do to work in or on your business today? 

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