Here are some spreadsheet tools we have created for our own use and for yours. We hope you find them useful for your business. If you have a suggestion or request, let us know.

Open the links below then save your own copy by choosing File: Make a Copy

  • Batch analysis worksheet – View and analyze your sales by batch
  • Calculated minimum prices based on COGs – Use this tool to calculate estimated minimum prices for your products based on your cost of goods. Bases estimated FBA fees on products you have sold recently. This is useful if most of your products are similar in size and weight.
  • Cash flow worksheet – Helps you understand your incoming funds vs. your outgoing funds, including the growth of your inventory month over month. It’s only as accurate as the expenses you log in InventoryLab, so keep good records!
  • Discount and sales tax calculator – See how sales tax and discounted gift cards or other discounts affect your ROI on individual items or your entire purchase
  • Repricing Prodedure (Min based on Cogs, Max based on list price) – This is step by step instructions for our current repricing strategy for Bqool and InventoryLab users. Our own minimum price is set at an estimated 20% ROI over cost of goods. Our maximum price is 20% over the price at which we listed the item. You can tweak these numbers to fit your strategy.
  • Sales analysis worksheet – View and analyze your sales based on number of days between the date you bought it and the date it sold