Lean FBA 2 day on-site workshop (RA Secrets SPECIAL)

Join our team for 2 days in our warehouse that will transform how you look at work and supercharge your prep and ship process.

Please note: this special is only for members of RA Sourcing Secrets. If you’re not a member, please use this link to reserve your spot: Lean FBA Workshop

Enjoy 2 information-packed days at our facility in beautiful San Antonio, TX. While you’re here, we’ll teach you and show you what you need to know to improve the flow, balance and accuracy of your processes.

Classes are limited to 10 businesses, so reserve your dates now!

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Our 2 day hands-on workshop includes:

Attendance for 1 or 2 people from the same business
We strongly encourage business owners to bring a partner, spouse or employee. Everyone learns differently and has a unique perspective. Change is hard. If you have a partner, you’ll both learn more and have an ally when it’s time to implement changes based on what you learned. If you want to enroll a third attendee from the same business, that’s great! Please select the option for 3 attendees.

Group Sessions
We will walk you through how to see value and waste in your processes from shopping to shipping. You will learn to spot waste and eliminate it through the use of some specific lean tools that Perry has found to be effective in his 20 years of managing prep and ship operations. We will review the various software integrations we use in our own business and help you find the combination that will optimize your time and your workflow.

This includes and is not limited to:

  • A guided tour of our whole process from start to finish
  • How to use buylists to save time
  • Google forms for communication and business management
  • Mapping your workflow to visualize waste

Customized Break-Out and One-on-One Sessions
Based on your specific needs, the workshop will include break out sessions and one-on-one sessions covering the tools and processes we use in our own day-to-day business. In past sessions, these have included:

  • V-lookups, Formulas and other Excel tools and techniques
  • Slack, Google Forms, and Zapier integrations
  • Repricing strategy and Bqool setting reviews
  • Working on our warehouse prep line

Optional sourcing trip with one of our shoppers
Go sourcing with one of our shoppers and see how they do it in real life, real time. Get your questions answered in the field by someone who shops full time.

Lunches, snacks and bottomless coffee provided